Navafiz is a Volunteer’s Platform Based in UAE to bridge the gap between Job seekers and Job providers, by providing information and Networking. We are working in the UAE since early 2013.

Mission, Vision, Values

  • Mission: To provide job hunt, career growth and personality development related information and guidelines.
  • Vision: To be the prominent volunteer platform in UAE for Professional’s Networking and information sharing.
  • Values: Respect, Collaboration, Teamwork, Communication, Transparency and Integrity, .

Codes of Conduct

  • No discrimination based on Nationality, religion or gender.
  • No discussion about politics or religion..
  • No misuse of platform for economical or commercial benefits

We would warmly welcome anybody to share the responsibilities by being a volunteer and to add ideas to the group. Feel free to contact the meet up team on given contacts & addresses. Email us at:

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